Free Printable Baby Shower Candy Bar Wrappers

Enjoy these printable baby shower candy bar wrappers,  There is one for boys and another for girls.  These baby shower candy bar wrappers make great favors for your guests.  These are worded so they will work for anyone. 
 If you need a personalized baby shower candy wrapper, contact me and I will put your personal info on the wrapper and email it to you.  This will be free until the end of the month of February 2015.

Free Girls Baby Shower Candy Wrappers

One day while trying to organize my blog, I deleted several candy wrappers by mistake.  I am trying to figure out which ones were missing.  I will be replacing many of these wrappers and making some new ones too.  Thanks to Joan for emailing and asking about a candy wrapper.  I didn't realize there were so many.

 Instructions for Wrapping Candy Bars

  Click on the picture and print. To assemble the bar, wrap a
regular size Hershey bar with foil. Leave original wrapper intact.

(you use may use a pretty gift wrap instead of foil)
 Fold the ends like you would a gift.
 Wrap the candy wrapper around the foil
wrapped bar, making sure the nutrition facts are on the back.
 Using a glue stick, run a line at the top of the wrapper. Then join the sides together.

Weight Loss For January

As promised, I'm posting the progress of my weight loss each month. 
 I didn't meet my 6 pound per month goal this month, but I did lose 3 pounds.  Never mind...weighed again and it was back.  Can't even get my post up before the weight is back
 In my defense, we have had a lot going on in my family.
   My nephew and his wife welcomed a new baby girl. What a joy she is. The delivery was smooth, well, as smooth as a delivery can be. My daughter was there when the baby was born.  I know it was special moment for her to see her cousin born.
On the negative side, we had a death in our family.  Another nephew's wife died.  It was an awful tragedy, the kind that stays with you all day long.  Only 47 and gone. 
Susan was the kind of person that everyone remembers.  She was a judge at many beauty pageants and traveled all over the United States with her beautiful daughter who has won many titles.  Her goal was see her daughter in the Miss America pageant. I don't know if my great niece will continue without her mom.  They were so very close.  Love and hug on your family each day because we never know.
Today is February 1, so here's to another month, and another try at weight loss.

Free Printable Recipe Cards

I love trying new recipes and I like having colorful recipe cards to put the recipes on. I have designed some cards to share with you.
 Free Printable 4 x 6 recipe cards. Click on image and save. Print on card stock paper and use for  your favorite recipes.  Enjoy!

New Years Resolutions

This year is going to be different for me.  This is the year I'm going to set goals and keep them. Of course, like most people, I'm determined to lose weight.
 I have been doing a lot of research on dieting.  I have lost 43 pounds since last year. I've have gained 3 pounds during the holidays, but it's not enough to discourage me.
 Every year we plan to lose weight only to fall off the wagon within a few days. How can we be so serious about weight loss only to stay on track for a few days.  

This year I'm setting up a diet notebook. I'm using a loose leaf notebook so I can easily add items.
 In this book I will track everything I eat by using this form provided by
    Be sure to visit this site, it has tons of info and simple recipes.  You can learn a lot by someone who has lost 150 lbs.
    I will also track my food inventory using this form I made.

    I will keep up with healthy foods by listing them.   When I use something, I add it to my grocery list.  Sometimes I will add a couple more to make sure I am well stocked. 
    I've also set up a recipes section for tasty low calorie meals and low sugar snacks. Most of them I print from my printer.

    I have joined a site named Shrinking on a Budget
     that has weekly menus and recipes they will email you.  It's $6.00 per year.  Not a bad deal at all.

    For exercise I walk, which I has been pretty slack lately. I have plenty of excuses, you know the ones, it's too cold, it's too hot, rain is predicted sometime today, my knee hurts, and on and on.
    I will commit to some form of exercise I can do when my excuses are legit and I need to stay in.
    This is my plan for 2015. 
     I have shared this with you to keep myself accountable.  I plan to post at least once a month on my progress.  Join me,  we can do this together.

    Christmas Gifts in Jars

    I had so much fun putting homemade cookies and candy in jars for gifts this year.  I made tags for them and hung them with twine.  I bought containers at the dollar store but then decided to use mason jars which were less expensive.
    Next year I will make cut out designs for the tops. Of course I found the perfect paper for them after I finished the gifts. It was the Christmas wrapping paper sitting in a corner of my room.
    Check out my buckeyes recipe I made for Christmas.  They looked great in the jars and everyone wants buckeyes at Christmas.
     This year I also made this white trash recipe and added whole pecans.  I will be putting it in jars too.

    Buckeyes Chocolate Candy Recipe

    Right before Christmas, my daughter and I make cookies and our all time favorite, Buckeyes.  I lost my original recipe so I had to find another one.  I think this one tastes better but It might be because I was so ready for them.

     I put them in mini cupcake liners which makes them look more festive.  Here is the recipe for Buckeyes.  Be prepared to fight yourself off of them daily.  Take my advice and give them away quickly.  Everyone loves them.


    •  1 1/2 cups  Creamy Peanut Butter
    • Or 1 1/2 cups crunchy Peanut Butter
    • 1/2 cup butter, softened
    • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    • 1/2 teaspoon salt
    • 3 cups powdered sugar
    • Chocolate Almond Bark

     With a mixer cream together peanut butter and butter.  Add extract and salt.  Add the powdered sugar one cup at the time.  When mixture can be rolled  into a ball, it is the right consistency.  You can add extra powdered sugar if it seems too sticky.
    Roll into one inch balls and freeze on a cookie sheet.

    While the buckeyes are freezing, melt almond bark chocolate in a double boiler.  Stick toothpicks into  the balls and dip in chocolate leaving a space at the top uncovered.  Pull the toothpick out and pinch the hole to smooth out  the candy.  You may have to refreeze the candy if it slides off the toothpick before you get it covered.  Once they have dried, you can put them into mini cupcake liners.  You will be able to stack the candy.
    Get ready for the compliments, it is that good.

    How to Stock and Organize Your Pantry

     Today I took inventory of all the food in  my pantries and cabinets. I never dreamed I had so many cans, bottles, jars, packets, boxes, canisters, bags, and spice bottles. I'm getting tired just listing them.

    In my defense I'm shooting for a well stocked pantry but I think I missed my mark a little.  When there is so much stuff, there is no way to know what you have.  That's why an inventory list is important.
     Here is my free printable  you can use to list all of your food items. It seems like a lot of trouble to do this but trust me,  it is an eye opener.
     I found I have 10 cans of early peas which were bought on sale.  That is a good thing, but I only have 2 cans of corn so the next time it goes on sale I will know to go easy on the peas and stock up the corn.
      Now I can plan my meals around what I have the most of.  I saw items in my pantry that have been there awhile and that I need to use before they go out of date.  I don't list the expiration date because I purge anything that has expired and only good food items remain. 

     Since my list is in microsoft word, it will be easy to make changes and print out the list when I use or buy pantry items. No more guess work about having an item in your cabinets, once they are organized, they are a breeze to find.
    This list can go on the refrigerator or inside a cabinet so you will know at a glance what you have for meal planning and grocery shopping.
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